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Originally Posted by IROCZJEFF View Post
TAG UR IT, I do not work for GM, but i do work for a supplier of GM that has direct knowledge of special projects. "respectfully"

The Camaro brand manager said there would be no Super Charged 2010 Camaro. Did you not see that statement? Lutz also stated Camaro would not have a Super Charger. That is "FACT". If you cant find these quotes I will email them to you.

As far as preproduction Camaros rolling around with super charges on them you are 100% true! They were preproduction mules with CTS-V motors. The harsh reality is that GM was testing the CTS-V motor for the new Camaro and then came the gas wars and the final price of the car with the CTS-V motor put the car out of the price range in which it made sence for GM to build them.

As for you coment regarding me building my own race car. I own a 1991 1LE race car. All I was trying to do for this post is show that we can still have our Z/28 but it is not going to be the Super Charged Z/28 that everyone, myself included wanted.

In you last quote you said that GM is going to build what makes them money. You are 100% correct with that. If GM builds a Z/28 with the idea less is more regarding less weight and more power I think the car would be profitable and powerful. I am not trying to start a fight, just trying to show an option of how to get what we want. Jeff
No one has confirmed there was going to be a 2010 OR 11, OR whatever Z28 yet. I'm usually one of those that can easily fall into "THE SKY IS FALLING!" group, however, I'm holding out on this one. No one outside of GM knows what's going to happen. But to your topic

I think what you've outlined is a great idea. I don't see that they could drop that much without making it similar in content and in likeness to the Drag Pack Chally'. I'm not sure GM is willing to invest in a car they can only make a thousand of (I'm speculating of course) and charge more for less car. What I mean is why would they invest more resources into a car that they won't make money on? IMVHO, I just don't see that stipping the car is going to benefit them in any way. I can totally see (though I'm biased ) adding another $10-15K on a Z28 by keeping all the content of SS and adding more power. No, it's not traditional, but they've already said GT500 was one of their targets, well, a long time ago now, but I just can't fathom, in my simple head, a car as I've described will work for GM. If I'm wrong, no biggie, I'll fess' up.

Let's not get too down that those of us that wanted an LSA Z28 may not get one. Let's show GM some support and positive criticism. I'm still not giving up, but let's also keep our minds open, just like you're trying to do
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