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Originally Posted by edz10ss View Post
This is such awesome news. Just imagine if chevy actually starts playing Camaro commercials on TV, Mustangs will be done. All I saw every two seconds while I watch Fox ch. 5 is that mustang commercial. I never see a Camaro commercial. I don't like to see someone out of a job though. Everything about the Camaro is better, from looks, handle, speed, and its a CHEVY!
Frankly, wishing for/celebrating the percieved death of a competitor is pretty ignorant. This isn't bin Laden, or the Soviet Union, or Nazi Germany, or something even the least bit truly important. As someone who works in the aerospace industry where the stakes are quite a bit higher than the automotive industry, I don't hope for the end of my competitors - the company I work for wins some, we lose some, but it's the losses which keep us trying hard so that we CAN win as many sales and contracts as we can. Otherwise we just have monopoly which is bad for everyone, or have you forgotten how long Ford was able to punt the ball on the Mustang V6's 210hp engine, well into the time when minivans were making over 300hp? That's what the Camaro would become after half a decade or more of having no competitors - if it survived at all.

Whether or not this news did mean the "Mustang is done," which it doesn't, hoping that it did is pretty much a "fanboy" thing to say.

Originally Posted by Black5thgen View Post
That being said, where are all the stang humpers that said the mustang would be on top once the 5.0 comes out and people were just waiting in 2010 and that's why the Camaro won the sales title?? It's kind of weird being on this side of the fence. The mustang is the enthusiasts choice and the Camaro is the better car. It's like an opposite of the the late 90's except the cars are much more evenly matched in performance.
On the Mustang forums, probably, and how many Camaro defenders are there? Probably as few as there are Mustang defenders on Camaro5.

And the Mustang IS the better car in terms of straight-line performance and handling (styling and looks are subjective things, as is brand loyalty). The Camaro is still riding a wave of popularity from its concept debut and Transformers, which just goes to show that hp specs and quarter mile times aren't everything in deciding what car is "best" - not that most of us here would have admitted that a year or two ago when the Camaro was (nearly) undisputed king in ALL categories, before Dodge and Ford re-engined their competitors.
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