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Originally Posted by coolman View Post
We better hope that the mustang doesn't go away. Competition breeds good cars. When the competition goes away so does the quality of the cars left and pretty soon they go too. Our cars will suffer if the mustang goes. Not to mention all the people that will be out of work.

A few key points:
Like what was said above, if one is gone then what does the other have to base anything that they do off of? Hum we need another model to compete with the gt500 so low and behold the ZL1. A lot of the decisions that are done are based of what the other has done, in the form of what they have done wrong and where the other can make it better, or their not doing this so we will.

I agree with one of the first comment made, bitter sweet is the best way to describe it, but no joke, the mustang needs a new revision bad. It needs a complete new restyle, its got to the point where they all look the same, and throw the solid rear axle away!

Also the comments were made that mustang wont go away and their the only ones that have had uninterrupted production, well maybe thats what has made the challenger, and especially the camaro what they are today! Maybe it took the phasing out to make the camaro bigger and better, and quite possibly its better now then what it ever could had been if it was never phased out and stayed in production. Just a thought???
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