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Originally Posted by Dragoneye View Post
I assure you, it comes with A/C...hehe -- I own one.

I also bought it (2008), out-the-door for $13,3xx. The '08 gives me a consistant 33mpg, and it was rated at 31 (auto). The newer ones are rated at 33 (auto), so I suspect they'll be even better than mine on gas.

It's a very well put-together car...and I have NO issues with it outside of the HVAC blower fan ticking (which is getting replaced under warranty).
Actually the Cobalt 1VL did NOT HAVE A AIR CONDITIONING (that's what I'm assuming because the next trim level up said it featured air conditioning). It was weird, I thought that was standard on all cars. I've found some good deals on Autotrader, even an 2006 SS for $8,500 fully loaded with only 20,000 miles. I'm wondering what's has happened to it in the past for it to be that cheap.
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