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Originally Posted by Savini View Post
Dr. Jkel - Just for the record.... we have tried to take care of these wheels from day one. Its not like we just left him out there hanging.

Like any larger size company there are channels that things have to go through to get done. We have spent time and money trying to get these right for the past couple months...

We are not pointing fingers or making excuses, but we do need to make sure we cover all our basis before just throwing new wheels together.

...Just to make sure everyone on the board knows that we have been working with Randy to get this right.
I know you have been working with him, my point and ONLY POINT is once this was identified as a problem that it should have been taken care of at that point. Not trying some mickey mouse bs of trying to FIX out of round wheels.

From the outside looking in it seems like you are almost blaming him.

I can tell you this much, for the money that your company charges for these wheels they should have been replaced.

So let me give you a real world example. I am a Homebuilder in the State of Alabama and usually build about 5 homes a year to supplement my income and have built over a 100 in the past 15 years. I recently ( 3 Weeks ago)sold a home to a nice older couple. I get a call one evening that the A/C didn't seem to be working properly, now it's around 4:30 pm.

So I go over and sure enough the A/C is not working, it even seems to be blowing hot air. Now this is no junk unit, it is a Trane, which by most is the best you can buy.

What did I do? I can tell you that I didn't tell them to wait while I tried to figure it out. I call the HVAC sub, told him my problem and in 2 hours he had a Brand New unit installed. Come to find out it was a defective unit. Now here is the kicker, because I replaced the unit instead of the parts I would not be re-imbursed. These people didn't buy a repaired unit, they bought a breand new unit and that is what they were going to get. After making several calls ,AFTER THE UNIT WAS REPLACED, and explaining that trying to figure out what the problems were in a brand new unit while the temperature was hovering at about a 100 degrees was simply not an option, finally they saw it my way.

My point being, YOU TAKE CARE OF YOUR CUSTOMERS, no matter what it cost you or your company. I could have easily told them that they would have to wait for the parts to fix the unit to be shipped and let them suffer this amazing heat but I took care of the problem.

As they say in business 10000 at a boys is messed up by 1 oh sh**. Word of mouth will kill your business, especially if it's bad.

So please don't come on here acting all innocent like you have done everything in your power to HELP Randy. If you would have done everything in your power, then you would have REPLACED the wheels at the first sign of trouble, and kept replacing them until it was right.

I know Randy has sent alot of business your way, Boy I sure would hate to see how you treat ordinary people.

Look at it this way, we could be saying, " Man that Savini company really took care of him lickity split" but that is not what we are saying. C5F was in April it's now Aug.

Does he have wheels on his car that do not Vibrate?
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