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Originally Posted by farthestnorth View Post
Pulled 343 on the baseline, what can i expect from these mods as far as Horsepower goes? 520hp, ???

Things being done:
1.) Livernois Cam C2 224/226, LS7 Lifters, Polished & Ported Heads, Springs, Push Rods
2.) MagnaCharger TVS-2300
3.) Kooks 1 7/8 Stepped Headers
4.) High Flow Cats For Now? Removing Later?
5.) Flowmasters are still not in yet
6.) Elite Engineering Catch Can
7.) 3.4 Pulley @ 8 Psi
8.) CAI Update Kit For MagnaCharger!
9.) Digital AEM Boost Gauge & Air Fuel Mixture Gauges mounted on the pillar!

If you end up with only 520 I would drive it thru that shops front door! With the blower alone you'll have at least 520. I had 545 rwhp with just a 3.4 pulley and 10 psi. I would hope with the cam and heads(which are a waste) you'd be near 600.
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