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Goughed as well

Originally Posted by AG383 View Post
Sorry dude, I tried to order at Ghent back in Oct. I was number 4 in line, had a grand down since spring '08. They tried to rape me for 5 grand over, so you see I'm not thier biggest fan. Had cash in hand, thier loss of a local customer for life. Good luck with your order, PM me when you get it, looks like we ordered similiar.
They were on the no goughing list. Sounded like a great dealership. When I called them they wanted the same from me, so I said see ya and posted a note on them in April. Did some searching around and ended up calling a dealership outside of Kansas City and got it in writing and signed by them on my order sheet for $500 under MSRP. They were still under their allocation limit, so shouldn't take too long to get it. I'll take the flight or the drive out there, since its not that far. Got so tired of haggling and fighting with dealerships in the Denver area, its just not worth my time or getting all pissed off. This is my second time doing this with the dealerships around here. Two years ago ended up buying a GMC Sierra in Idaho because no one in town would come within 2K of the price I got out there.
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