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Originally Posted by TaylorRyanSS View Post
My finish and fit is fine. How much are you paying for paint and install? I paid $650. They did tell me I need to come back in a few weeks after it sets to do something, I don't remember what they said.

The fiberglass is wavy and needs lots of work and there are pinholes all in the fiberglass that is going to take 8 hours of labor to fix. That's just not acceptable and i'm reaching out to RK to sort the issue out.

Sending it back to the west coast isnt really feasible as the hood can be repaired to fit and the finished product with a quality paint/finish but is costing twice the amount that it should as the unfinished hood quality is just not up to RK sport standard.

This is a Quality Control issue and I would like to think its a 1 time exception and not the norm. I'll followup with a status after I talk to Jason @ RK Sport...

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