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Originally Posted by DDustiNN View Post
ABM with Silver Ice rally stripes... then you have both!
LOL...i love blue and abm looks hot...just that i had this silver with black stripes, tints, blacked out lights, chrome/black wheels and black chrome ss badges all planned out in my head...and i feel if i dont go with my first instinct im gonna regret it...but then on the other hand i feel when i see all the other silver camaros/cars and then i see an ABM camaro in real life im gonna kick myself......and now im hearing that cyber grey metallic has blue specs to it...jeeezzz this shit is killing me inside...i just hope that there is a abm and sim camaro at the nyc auto show in 8 more days!!! well 7 but im going sat not fri...SIM vs ABM ... who will win?! :fighting0040:

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