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Here's my take on this.... and maybe I'm in left feild as well but hear me out a sec.

After reading the statement that Mr. Settlemire made earlier in the thread... I think GM has somewhat built this bed for themselves... not bashing but check it out.

So the Z28 was born to race... in 1967 and years later... yes we know that. But, what followed was the birth of the "Z28" Camaro that most of us know as the Camaro to go get in the 80's and 90's and even 2000's... up until 1996 when the Z28 was built by GM and sent to SLP to have the SS package installed so then the SS was the car to go get.

Where did GM go wrong in my opinion? They took the RPO Z28 and made it the everyday sports car with the creature comforts, the style, the go fast motor, an affordable sports car... and put em on the dealer lots, cause there was no other option for Camaro unless you wanted a V6 Camaro or Corvette which most couldn't afford then or needed more than 2 seats.

So fast forward to 2010.... I think everyone was expecting to see "that" car again... The Z28 that handles good, the badges, the leather interior and amenities, go fast motor.... Not the race car that it was orginally set out to be and new race car that it's gonna be. I'm not saying it's GM's fault for this uproar, but I don't think they done themselves any favors by making it the prime Camaro to get for so many years through the 80's, 90's and early 2000's, because that is what set the expectations for so many here and it's not what people were expecting.

I like the car... its options, and what it stands for... even though I really have no use for it cause I don't race or have a track to go to. So that brings us to the ZL-1... which I think IS "that" car we were so used to seeing over the last 25 years, just with different badges.
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