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I just installed my JDP clutch reservoir kit on my 2010 SS.

First of all, +1 to JDP, this is an excellent high quality kit.

As far as this project goes for DIY, with 1 being simply oil change and 10 requiring a PhD from MIT, this is a 4. You will need a few tools, mostly needle nose pliers or offset needle nose pliers. I also used a Nasal Aspirator from Wally World, you will also need at least 1 can of DOT4 fluid.

A few pointers and recommendations:
1.) Have a bottle of water with you. You WILL spill a few drops of brake fluid, if it lands on the body, wipe it up immediately, flush with water and wipe again with a clean paper towel.
2.) When using your syringe/turkey baster to suck out the fluid, make sure to clean it off each time before putting it back into the fluid. This should seem obvious, but I had a dumba$$ attack and forgot, resulting in contaminates being reintroduced to the system.
3.) I did 5 flush/dilute cycles consisting of:
a.)Fill the reservoir with fresh fluid. Pump the clutch 50 times.
b.) Suck out the contaminated fluid.
c.) Add clean fluid, repeat with step "a."
Afterwards, the fluid was not quite clear, but had a significant reduction in contaminates. I then drove the vehicle for 20 minutes, and repeated the process. I noticed that the fluid was now contaminated again and very dark. I spoke with Tyler at JDP, and he advised to repeat this whole process of flushing/diluting, driving and repeating several times.

3.) After cleaning off the syringe/aspirator, and doing several flush/dilute cycles, I noticed that most of the contaminates were near the bottom of the new reservoir. Therefore, dip the tip of the syringe/aspirator as low as you can into the reservoir in an attempt to suck up as muck of the contaminates as possible.

4.) Remember to also flush/dilute your brake fluid reservoir, which will probably require another bottle of DOT4.

OVERALL: A+, easy upgrade that you can do by yourself in your driveway. The entire process, including 5 cycles of Flush/Dilute took me less than 45 minutes.

Follow up:
After completeing the Flush/Dilute process 5 times, driving for 20 minutes, then flushing/diluting another 3 times, I went to work, and then drove home. In the morning, I repeated the process. This time however the fluid in the JDP Cluch Reservoir was a golden amber or honey color, as opposed to the black coffee looking fluid from yestreday. I did 3 Flush/dilutes, then drove 20 minutes to work, and did 2 more flush and dilutes. The process is working slowly but surely.
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