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In addition to the video, owner's manual has this:

Track Events and
Competitive Driving
Track events or competitive driving
may affect the vehicle warranty. See
the warranty manual before using
the vehicle for racing or other
competitive driving.

If you use the vehicle for racing or
other competitive driving, the
engine may use more oil than it
would with normal use. Low oil
levels can damage the engine.
For information on how to add oil,
see Engine Oil on page 10-15.
Be sure to check the oil level
often during racing or other
competitive driving and keep the
level at or near the upper mark
that shows the proper operating
range on the engine oil dipstick.

For track events or competitive
driving, it is recommended that the
brake fluid be replaced with a high
performance brake fluid that has a
dry boiling point greater than 279C
(534F). After conversion to the high
performance brake fluid, follow the
brake fluid service
recommendations outlined by the
fluid manufacturer. Do not use
silicone or DOT-5 brake fluids.

If operating a Z/28 on a closed
course during hot temperatures,
reduce the coolant/water mixture to
a 30/70 mix and increase under
hood airflow by removing the water
deflector on the engine side of the
hood scoop.

ZL1, 1LE and Z/28: For racing and
competitive driving, the vehicle load
should be limited to the driver only
and no cargo. The tires should be
inflated to at least 180 kPa (26 psi).

Because the fluid temperatures may
be higher, it is necessary to change
the rear axle fluid every 24 hours of
racing or competitive driving. See
Recommended Fluids and
Lubricants on page 11-12.

During a first time track or racing
event, high rear axle
temperatures can occur. Damage
could be caused to the rear axle
and would not be covered by the
vehicle warranty.
Do not drive as long or as fast the
first time the vehicle is driven on
the track or raced.

For extended track use, GM
recommends installing a rear
differential cooler to protect the rear
axle. This excludes the ZL1 and Z/
28 as it has a rear differential cooler
as standard equipment.
1LE comes with an oil control kit
that should be installed for track use
only, to ensure proper oil control
and prevent engine damage. This is
not for street use. This kit may also
be purchased from your dealer.
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