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How I Added Power Passenger Seat to a 2010 2SS

I THOUGHT I had all the parts needed for a swap to a power passenger seat in my 2SS 2010 Camaro. Apparenlty there is something left off the list that isn't quite obvious. I'll get to that in a while.

Anyhoo, nice 85 degree day, ready to get r done. This is how I did it. You may do it differently.

I didn't post every pic to show every detail, but this thread shows some details as well.

Here's more discussions on it:

1) Pic 1 is what the wife was using necessitating the need to do something. Wedge foam.

2) Pic 2 is showing the headrest removed. Probably easier to lean the seat back to pop the headrest out. Raise it up all the way and then you press on both buttons to release the headrest from the seat.

3) Pic 3 shows the seat after headrest removed. Then you want to raise the back of the seat back up, probably straight or leaning a bit forward.

4) Pic 4 shows the Torx 50 bolt. Slide the seat all the way forward to access them. They're in there with a cage nut, so once they start to come loose, don't freak out as they'll wiggle some as you take them out.

5) Pic 5 shows what's underneath. Once the back two bolts are out, you can lift up the back of the seat and get to the cable connector in the floor. Slide the retainer out on the outboard side and the connector comes right off. Easy.
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