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11) You can loosen the sides of the bottom seat cover if you like at this point. Pic 11 shows it's fairly simple to do. Sides and front of seat bottom simply have fold over clip method.

12) The seat back wrapover fabric at the seat joint has a stretch band and clip on each side. They need to be unclipped. Here's one side under the seat bottom.

13) The other side clip

14) Pic 14 shows the seat belt buckle. You should have already unclipped the wire, but if you hadn't, now's a good time. Then remove a Torx 50 bolt and it comes right out. Set it aside.

15) Pic 15 shows a hogring holding on the rear side of the bottom seat cover. There's one on each side under the seat bottom. Carefully remove them as to not tear things up.

16) Pic 16 shows the wire conduits for the seat back motor and the air bag going up the seat back and how they're routed through the seat bottom fabric flap in the back. The new wire harness only has one conduit with both wires inside.

17) The bottom of the seat back clips together similar to the seat bottom sides. Pop the bottom seam loose and you can pull out the zippers.
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