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18) Pic 18 shows the zippers pulled out from under the seatback. No tabs, but they're easy to unzip.

19) Pic 19 shows what you see after unzipping the seat back. The seat is upside down here.

20) Aha, pic 20 shows the wire going to the seat airbag. Be careful in here.

21) Pic 21 shows the wiring to the power seat back motor located at the outboard side lower part of the seat back.

22) Pic 22 is of the air bag terminal. It's a yellow/black plug with an orange lock tab. You need to carefully pry this tab out like the pic shows in order to wiggle this plug off the air bag. I used a jewler's flatblade screwdriver to get in there to pop the orange lock tab up. Again, don't manhandle stuff here. The new harness has this same setup with the orange tab already in the up position.

23) Pic 23 shows the motor plugs. All the motor plugs are the same construction. I took a jeweler's flatblade screwdriver and pushed in the tabbie to unlock and remove the plug. There's a couple of push pins holding the wires to the seat back frame you'll need to pop loose in here as well. Remove the wires and carefully thread them through the seat bottom flap. At this point, you might as well remove all the harness push pins on the bottom of the seat.

24) Pic 24 shows the push clip tab that you need a phillips to remove. You can access the seat back bolts easier this way. Set it and the screw aside, you'll be using this again. Using a Torx 45, you can remove the 4 seat back bolts holding it to the seat bottom frame. They're gobbed with a locking type goo, and it's TOUGH to get them started out. Be careful not to strip out the torx head socket. I suggest a socket handle Torx bit and slow steady pressure to keep from slipping. PITA. This is why it's a good idea to get the 4 new screws.
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