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30) Pic 30 - Here's the 4 bolts you SHOULD replace. Unless you got real lucky and didn't chew up any. Sealer comes pre-applied, but not nearly as much on there as the factory bolts.

31) Pic 31 shows the wires from the bottom of the seat toward the rear. You can see the gray plugs for the seat heaters, and the now single conduit for the seat back motor and air bag wires.

32) Pic 32 is the WTF I was talking about with the old mini hinge cover on the inboard side. Because of the way the bottom seat frame is made, the flange turns outboard. The old one was inboard. You can only attach it with the side screw as the other screw doesn't . So you'll have one screw left over. Probably have to buy a 2012 cover which so far, nobody has talked about.

A tip about installing the outboard side cover and switch. Plug the switch into the harness first, THEN clip the switch into the side of the side cover. Pop on the side cover and use the screws saved from the old cover. The front attaches from the inside underneath. You'll see.

33) Pic 33 shows the motor plugs. The motor on the right is the front tilt (green/blue), and the motor on the left is for the seat up/down (light blue/yellow). Not shown is the front/rear motor wire clip. It has a tan/green wire. Like I said, all the motor clips are exactly the same, so this should avoid confusion as to which goes where.
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