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Originally Posted by OV3RDRIV3 View Post
Back to looking at the DBA 5000's I guess :/
Originally Posted by SPCBA View Post
dba are heavier and dont deal with heat as well as oem. let alone compared to racingbrake
This. RacingBrake and DBA are on two different levels. Kind of like comparing a Mustang GT to Corvette ZR1.

Originally Posted by SPCBA View Post
so i had a crazy week and onl rebuilt my front calipers using the racingrake rebuild kit. brakes were even cooler than my last review of of the rotors. I was running a very agressive track pad and still cooler temps kn a 102 degree day. zero brake fade again. the pistons in the rebuild kit are better designed and the oil seal and dust boots are sturdier and an upgrade as well. i recommend the rebuild kit to any track guys using stock calipers...could feel a difference. install was easy as pie.

will take pics and write a full review once i do the rears as well.
Looking forward to reading it.

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