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Breath Cadyshac, Breath.................... Next week my friend, next week.

I think that there is a lot to be said about Chevy bringing a fleet to this event. What started as an impromptu gathering in Valdosta, Georgia has turned into something big enough that Chevy deems it worthy to attend. The Camaro enthusiast community at large has demonstrated it's obsession for this car...Good, bad or indifferent. Many inputs and opinions have been voiced for this generation and the next. The fact that folks like Mr. Oppenheiser and Mr. Settlemire attend events all over the country, make themselves available and actually listen to a myriad of opinions, no matter how far fetched, speaks volumes about this company. It's not often that one can say with confidence, that a company with the size, reputation and history of Chevrolet actually listens to any and all comments related to their products and takes the reasonable ones into consideration. Thank you to all at Chevrolet for taking the time to recognize this hodge/podge of an enthusiast community and for the effort to bring to C5F a fleet of vehicles in your newer lineup.
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