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Here's a partial quote from Randy Pobst concerning throttle response when on the road track.

"At one point talk turned to fly-by-wire throttles and sport settings. Ahh, now that was a prime opportunity to pull out a favorite ax of mine to grind. "Sport programs", I proclaimed in my best know-it-all column-writing tone, "always open the throttle faster, to make the car feel faster, 'sport'-ier. This is exactly backwards. The LAST thing the average driver needs is a faster opening throttle. If it was me, I'd make it open slower!"

"We did that," snaps Tony Roma, ZL-1 engineer and SCCA club racer. My jaw drops. It won't sink in. I felt dazed and confused...uh...whut? "The last thing you want is to snap that throttle open in the middle of a corner," he says. They did that... Then it happened. I swear it. A shaft of light shone down from the heavens, right onto the Chevy guys, like in those old movies. Heroes were born. They did that... I coulda kissed 'im. Mostly I was awed with respect. They get it. The 2012 Camaro ZL-1 sport program opens the throttle SLOWER. Think about that and apply it to your driving, street and track...Hero."
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