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OK, some more SST stuff.

Back to engine goodies. Here are the SST cylinder heads being CNC ported. Hours upon hours were spent finding the best flow characteristics throughout the mid to high lift range. These are optimized for the twin turbos and high boost levels this engine will see. The flow levels of these heads is pretty astounding.

Here is a shot in the CNC machine.

Note the multi-step valve job on these heads. This is a valve seat program designed for this boosted engine. We don't want hot spots especially on the exhaust side. [Note: In this pic only the intake seat on the left combustion chamber was complete.]

Here is the head on the flow bench. Most of the hours spent on these heads was on the exhaust side due to the extreme flow characteristics required on this boosted engine. Yes, this is the intake side...

Here is a shot of a finished combustion chamber. Notice each valve is lapped to its specific seat and labeled. You can also see the little mark where the Stainless Steel O-Ring hits the head.

Another difference on these SST heads is that the exhaust valves are made from Inconel. Unfortunately this material is very expensive, but it withstands much more heat than stainless. In a turbo application you need this because the cycling of the valve under high boost can cause the valve to deform and tulip when it is glowing red hot.


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