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Now this is the pic of the item that I have most grown to both love and hate. This intake manifold has been in the design state for literally years and I convinced the patent holder to pull the trigger. Now the reason why it is tough to post this is that this was the item that was mostly responsible for the SST not being at the first Camaro 5 Fest with many of you.

It will still end up on the SST, but there have been some complications with the forging and then the CNC programming, so for now I have decided to go with a Hogan tunnel ram 16 injector sheet metal intake until we get the bugs out, but this will eventually make it back on to the SST engine.

Here are some specs on this very special intake:
It is a new cross ram (8) throttle body individual runner intake for this combo. Since the completion of the design, it has now been over a year in development. The fabricated version of this was worth almost 50 ft lbs over a stock intake on a normally aspirated motor.

Notice the dual injector per cylinder for the turbo applications. There is very little bend in the port and there are (8) 2-7/16 throttle bores that have a patented taper design compiled from over 15 years of dyno tests. What you can't see are the 2 sets of hidden fuel rails, the linkage for all of the throttle bodies and the individual air bleeds for each runner that can be either manual or computer controlled for perfect cylinder-to-cylinder distribution.

Anyway, here is what it looks like.
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