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Originally Posted by SSE 4 2SS View Post
I can drive it if I skip 4th gear all the time...

Sorry, lil frustration bubbling up there...

Yes, I can drive her if needed, but I don't want to risk anything else due to a pos tranny... I doubt anything would happen, but what if it decided to stop shifting into any gear and left me on the side of the road somewhere... I know... devils advocate... but at this point...I have no faith in the pos trans...

I sent Corey the links for the RSG Transzilla... Chris said he saw it at PRI and loved it... I looked at the site and if they back it up at all, I think I'm going to go that route... Others have mentioned the gears wont hold the power... I heard the Black Pig ended up with straight cut gears...Not sure and cant swear to it... The transzilla has 9310 material gears and shafts... (input and output) and I can get it with the SFI bell housing... I'll talk to them and see what they say...

Rick at RKT 56 was very helpful... and at this point, I want something that works and will hold...
Give LPE a call or have Corey call them to get the specifics on the BP Tranny.
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