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Originally Posted by Kyle.Gilmour View Post
trans issues.. oh man.. well that is frustration i can relate with!
I hear you bro...

Originally Posted by Darth_Emma View Post
Dang. I know delays can be frustrating. But, at least it's early in the year and you have some time to get to events later this spring and into summer.

I know how you feel... sort of. I have had a few delays in my build too. I am determined I will be driving it to the Fest in August though! (Maybe I just jinxed myself.)
No jinxing spoken here... Your car will be ready soon...

Originally Posted by speedster View Post
Sorry that Brandi's present tranny is a POS. Never goes as smooth as you thingk. I do 2nd Chris' recommendation - RSG are the guys for the high HP builds...
Corey spoke with RSG this am... We also got some more information from RKT56 that they can get 9310 gears from their provider. 9310 Gears and shafts would really solidify this thing...

Originally Posted by garcmol View Post
Man, I was hoping that you were going to be all smiles once it was off the lift. Transzilla, huh? That sounds like a beast!
It's pretty amazing...

In addition to the trans, this is another piece I'm looking at... I will be getting an SFI approved bell housing and mid plate... From whomever I end up buying from...

Originally Posted by Dangeruss View Post
Transzilla is the one my friend went with, and it's supposed to be a beast. His will soon be tested cause he's already over 1000 RWHP after his first dyno pull.

Or you can join us in the 4L80 club, and at the track you'll never have to go to 4th gear!
I appreciate it Russ, but you know how hard headed I am about my trans...

Originally Posted by Darth_Emma View Post
Is the "POS tranny" the stock tranny that was been built? I tried to look through your thread to see if you replaced it or rebuilt it and didn't find anything. Did I miss something?
T-, It's the original transmission that we have been in at least 4 times now... Originally we changed the blockers, sliders and synchros... we have progressed to this time we changed to a 9310 Output shaft with the support bearing, a new input shaft and quite a few other new parts...

With Corey talking to several vendors today,the consensus isthat wither the case or the bell housing is warped/bent etc...

Originally Posted by JusticePete View Post
Give LPE a call or have Corey call them to get the specifics on the BP Tranny.
I believe the BP has 9310 gears and is face plated... I've considered face plating the gears and seen several videos of it... but not the way I want to go right now...

If need be, we will contact them... Corey has a couple of good friends there...
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