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Originally Posted by Late Model Racecraft View Post
Good questions, GM gave us a little square in the inner fender to be able to pull out to pick up air from the outside.
Yes, we did dyno runs with the hood open and closed.

I copied and pasted this from another board about our results.....
We have made SEVERAL different dyno runs to finally get to where we are now with our final production. We tested so many different variables it wasnt even funny. Josh worked his ass off to get the right combination. Like I stated in this thread, the car made 356rwhp two days ago, and the first pull at the shop on Friday was 353rwhp. Weather conditions are everything when testing something like this. If the motor is just 10* cooler on one pull our results are worthless. That is why Josh had his heat gun out for every test run we made. On average the LMR prototype CAI gained 12rwhp on our car. On this particular car on this day in the same run conditions it DID pick up 16rwhp.

Thank for that info!!
Did the open/closed hood matter in the pulls?

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