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Finally Pics of My Zaino'd SIM Camaro

Well guys...sorry for the delay... but for anyone who is still they are.

First pic shows zaino on the passenger stripe but not on the drivers stripe... subtle difference but wanted to point that out.

2nd Pic - Rear stripes before zaino.

3rd Pic - Z-2

4th Pic - Z-8 over Z-2

5th Pic - Zaino Haze (what it looks like after applying)

6th and 7th pics - Car with Z-2, Z-8, & Z-CS

8th pic - Rear stripes - zaino on left, nothing on right.

9th and 10th Pic - Zaino Tire Gloss Pics

Added 2 more at the end... one with Z-2, Z-8, Z-CS and

Last one was taken from the roof of my house
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