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Originally Posted by Retro69 View Post
The thing is you can't keep pissing off the same people year after year. The folks in the intermountain west, the west coast and the northwest have been left on the fringe for years now. Yes, moving to TX is further west but it's also further south. Even folks in San Diego still have a 20 hour drive and that gets worse as you move up the coast. San Francisco: 28 hrs, Portland, OR: 33 hrs. I mean really and I hear some complain about having to drive 3-4 hours

I think you're going to find more and more local events popping up because folks are just tired of being left out.
There's one of two things you can do, then:

1) Get together with your local Camaro club and go look for potential venues that can handle parking for 500+ cars, has a drag strip, and space for an autocross course and/or road course and also has space 30-ish vendors to set up and report your findings back to the Camaro5 staff.

2) Whine about it on an internet forum without any constructive feedback.

Edit: Sorry, I started my post before leaving for lunch and just got back to hit the post reply button. Looks like you're on the right track

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