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All I can say is that the Jay Leno concept better end up as the way the Z28 is going to look, because everybody really likes it.

I'm so sick of huge hood scoops and other stuff, that I've hated the renderings floating around of Z28s that look like Dodge Charger SRT8s.

This is truly the classy and awesome way to go!

I mean... my god... it's gorgeous. Just look at the rear end even! It has mail slot exhaust tips and a MUCH better spoiler than what is currently on the 2010s. I really like this, and I really want one. And that's saying a lot! I've been disappointed with the design of the 5th gen til this concept got revealed!

No ridiculous huge scoops or ZR1 glass hoods on this one! It finally looks like a progression from the 4th gens ('93-'97 specifically) instead of a complete turn around to the past!
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