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poor hot start

for quite a while i've had a poor hot start issue. the starter would turn slow when the engine was hot, but would be fine when cold. i cleaned the connections (both +/-) multiple times, bought a high torque starter, wrapped the starter, wrapped the headers..............all would seem to make things better for a while and then it would start up again. it was driving me NUTS! sometimes it would not start at all and/or the stabilitrack failure message would show up on the DIC.
i ran a single "0" gauge wire from the battery directly to the starter. WOW, what a difference! the starter spins the engine much faster when cold and no slow down when hot. there were several folks that had good luck adding only a jumper around the post in the engine bay, i went for over kill. i'm really happy with the outcome
discussion here:
Standard mods: cam, headers, cai..........etc


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