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I have several emails / PMs asking how much the Cadillac of Brakes for the 2010 Camaro cost me. Here is the reply in public.

You wouldn't want to know what it cost me. Doing the first is usually ugly. It didn't take an hour to do the brake bleed / fluid change. It took a day. Why? There was no information on how to do a fluid change and the new Internet based GM scan tool didn't have a function for this. So you research. You make calls. No one knows so you start guessing at solutions until you find one. We finally stumbled across the 2010 Corvette ABS routine in the Tech II tool. It looks easy in the thread. Witt has done all the hard work and the post makes it easy -- now.

I am treated like family at Witt, which is wonderful. I do get a discounted labor rate because of the volume of work we do with Witt. They offer similar programs to other corporate service accounts. That said, virtually NOTHING we do together goes as planned because we are not at leading edge technology -- we are at the BLEEDING edge of technology. R & D, first fitments, test fitments take more time, blood sweat and tears than we ever allot for. That's OK. It is part of the business we LOVE.

I hope you all enjoy the benefits of what people / companies like Witt Buick Pedders bring to the community. It is a business. They do make money. If they didn't share our enthusiasm for special cars, projects and people they wouldn't let us in the front door.

Long story short, if you need prices or parts numbers that are not in the thread, give Arthur a call at Witt Buick Pedders or call your local Pedders Dealer. Please don't ask me for the information -- I don't have what you really need -- unless you want to pay my bill for the brake work at Witt.
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