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Originally Posted by MisterCamaro69 View Post
Since Pete's car doesn't nose dive, I imagine the rears are having to earn their keep, even tho GM oversized the rear already. I would bet good money we're looking at what the Z/28 brakes were originally going to be.

You did get my curiosity up tho, have you done the math yet?
I will when time allows for my own benefit. Nose diving is more of a function of suspension geometry and spring/damper rates, so I'll look at hard numbers. GM was obviously not concerned too much about weight (perhaps they let too many engineers go?) or they would have done a much more reasonably sized rear system. It's a straight lift from the CTS-V and might be a bit too much iron to run at temperatures that are complementary to the fronts. They will work, but I would estimate they are not at optimum.

I need a little more info on the CTS-V calipers to get it all sorted out. After I get a few of the too many projects off of my plate, I'll chase that stuff down.

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