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Originally Posted by l008com View Post
I've got an iPhone, and it's synced to my Camaro. So when someone calls, it comes through the car.

But it lists numbers, it doesn't pull the name from my phone. Which makes it almost completely useless, since I never know who's calling. Is there some way to enable names to show on the car's radio so I can actually SEE who's calling? Making calls is just as silly. The "numberpad" is a joke, it will take you 10 minutes to dial a number.

Is there any way to turn the handsfree bluetooth system from a marketing feature, to an actual, usable tool?
Unfortunately no. The Camaro bluetooth module does not have an address book import feature like many other bluetooth modules have (Ford, Toyota etc.)

I usually keep my iPhone where I can see it, and really quickly look the screen before I pick up a call.

You can also get a mount for your iPhone or some sort of stand where you can dock it in your car and see the name and then choose to accept or reject the call from your car's stereo or steering wheel controls.

Now the Camaro does have voice dialing with your iPhone to make outgoing calls from your iPhone's address book.

Simple hit the call button, say "Bluetooth" and then say "Voice" on the next menu. After that you will hear a "ding" sounds from iPhone and say "Call xxxxx mobile". This is an iPhone feature which the Camaro syncs up to and works really well most of the time!
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