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Originally Posted by l008com View Post
Actually I ended up buying off the lot when dealer #1 flaked on me. But my order was a 2LT and one of the main bonuses of 2LT was the bluetooth system. Handsfree is a must when you're driving a stick. I wouldn't have liked 18" wheels though, and some day I'll put that USB port to use, so I guess it's not a total loss. Just really pisses me off that I spend all this money, and one of the main features I paid for, is a "marketing" feature, that doesn't really, actually work.
Yes it does, really, actually work. It just doesnt do what YOU want it to do. The only thing I can think of that it doesnt do is it doesnt display the name of the person calling. Well you can program in the names onto the Camaro for voice dialing and when those people call it says "you have an incoming call from ......" Even better than displaying the name.
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