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1 Dual in/out VS 2 Single in/out muffler setup

I don't think anyone has covered this yet... I am trying to find the difference between using 2 single in/out and 1 dual in/out muffler.

There are two exhaust setups i am looking at, 2 single in single out super 40's(Part # 952448) or one dual in dual out super 40(Part # 9525454)... wondering if you guys can help me out. I am trying to get a tuned sound while still having volume.

I could only find one video of Flowmaster super 40's:

I think this sounds good i am just worried about revving high RPM's

The reason why i am considering the Dual in/out muffler is because i can locate it where the resonators are and then run straight pipe to the tip. I want to do this to get rid of the raspy sound of the V6. I chose super 40's because they're very loud mufflers and give a lot of air flow. I tried to see if i could fit the single in/out's anywhere closer to the cat's but i don't think there's enough room under the chassis.

So, what do you guys thinking? I know the dual in/out won't be as loud as 2 single in/outs but would it be significantly lower? Also, would there be any HP loss? (BTW the dual in/out muffler is a two chamber, from what i understand the air from the pipes never mix, they have their own half)
Here is a link to Flowmaster's site:

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