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Originally Posted by meissen View Post
I would really prefer that only 3-5 spots be saved at a time. It wouldn't be fair for one person to get there and block off 50 spots since that's a large majority of the parking lot. I appreciate that you guys support the show in such a strong attendance, but we have to be fair to everyone who takes the time to get there early in hopes of parking on the concrete.

As it is, I have to block off 20 spots for a bridal shower which is taking place inside the banquet hall, so to have 60 spots all blocked off first thing in the morning really wouldn't be fair to the rest of the people coming to the show.
Perhaps as Mike mentioned over on our web site, if it's ok, may Mike and I could get to Bakers early, maybe scout out an area out in the grass where we might fit away from the main parking lot so as to keep that wide open for people coming in. We wouldn't block off anything, but if we have our group gather in a parking lot down the road then just have maybe 10 come in at a time we could get them parked, then call and have the next 10 come-on-down, park them best we can, and repeat the process?

I know how busy the check-in lane gets. If we all rolled in as one group with 30-50 cars that would create a serious traffic jam, but we we come in in stages perhaps that would help.

I know there'll be members of our group that would preferr if we were able to all come in as 50 cars and have all of us up front in a prime spot, but we realize that's not possible.

We will respect and obey your rules no matter what they are. You are the host, we are guests.

And THANK YOU and your group for hosting one of the premier local shows of the year.
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