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Originally Posted by Mikamaro View Post
If you're not impress with the driving showcased in this video, then Yes it is bad that you are not impressed.
It only means you didn't watch it and sounds like you only care absolute numbers & bragging rights.

If the Z/28 ran a 7:37:47 in Damp/rainy condition, you know that it going to be faster on a dry run, right?
You even said so: `low 7:30's is what it should run…’’

So, really, why are you not impress?

Are you not happy that GM release a stunning performance of the best Camaro ever made beating all previous iterations in a wet run?
I did not say I was not happy with the car being released I'm ecstatic, but I am unhappy they decided to release a lap time that does not represent the cars full potential

And as far as rainy/damp conditions go its anyones wild guess how much could be improved off that, on most tracks it could be 2-3 seconds, on the ring it could be 9 seconds. But you never know...

AND I DO NOT MAKE ASSUMPTIONS, just because the car should be '6 seconds faster in the dry' doesn't mean that its going to happen, think about it when people say 'well it could have done this but...', Yeah maybe it could have, but it didn't....

I did watch the video and the track was mildy damp until it started raining which clearly gave him more problems, (and yes I am impressed with the driving I said nothing about the driver).

My point is I wish GM released a time that actually represented the cars full potential. (yes it can be argued that this makes the car looks better but it depends how you look at it)

Either way once motortrend and others get their hands on it we will have Laguna Seca lap times and VIR and every other track we can think of especially because of the car it is.

And yes I do care about the numbers, who doesn't? What is the point of a performance car if it doesn't perform? I hate the 2014 body style but I love the Z/28 it wears it beautifully, I only wish I could own one and maybe one day I'll have the opportunity. But until then all I can do is sit and wait...


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