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Originally Posted by themossman View Post
Double that...and you'd still be short of what showed up in South Georgia this weekend. Not trying to be controversial...and I get your point (and agree), but I'd be willing to bet that if there's ANYWHERE in the country that has a higher concentration of 'Camaro fans' would be the south-eastern US. Did I just stereotype us all????
EXACTLY! We have almost half the population of C5F showing up to a WEST COAST meet. You guys may have had 500 or so members at C5F, but they were from all over, including Canada! If we can pull half that from just three neighboring states out west--I'd say we have a pretty high concentration of members.
Originally Posted by monstertodd View Post
Agreed, if we can't come up with a happy medium before next year, then I vote we form a west coast chapter and have a west coast camaro5 fest.
I say we do it anyway, two C5 meets!

Originally Posted by Mr Smith View Post
Skip anything official for Hot August nights...To register and be a part of the shows you have to have something 1972 and older.
Bummer. Reno is cool.
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