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Originally Posted by Number 3 View Post
A lot of factors to consider and I don't know the answer to some of them.

First, we've been talking about the HP bump from the CTS-V application. Was there also a significant torque bump?

Are the axle ratios the same?

Not only the wheel weight, but also the rolling diameter? Is the ZL1 trying to spin a larger wheel. Rotational Moment of Inertia or something like that.

Are the trans ratios the same? My guess is they are but I'm not sure.

Also, not just mass, but is the cross sectional area of the Camaro larger and is the Cd higher? At some point in a 0 - 60 aero will hit the bigger in size (I think) Camaro. This would also impact the 1/4 mile times and also the top end in a big way.

Also, if the Camaro has more down force aids (spoilers) to add downforce on the track this will also be like dragging a parachute through the air although a small one.

And in the end, the number GM posts are typically obtained by GM drivers that can be replicated. But I don't know if the V and ZL1 are using the same so you may get a 0 - 60 difference from that alone.

In the end, compare the 'ring times between the two. I think the ZL1 is a bit faster and that shows the total capapbility of the ZL1 relative to the V.

I wouldn't get hung up on 0 - 60 or top speed. I'm not sure that is the cars strong point. I think it is overall straight line and curved line performance.

Me, I'll go back to my point a while ago....................wait and see a comparion of the ZL1 to a Boss. Don't get hung up on what the car will do if you simply push your right foot to the floor. Focus on what happens when you brake, push in the clutch, and oh yeah, turn that round thing you are holding on to.
All great points and insight!

Originally Posted by OldScoolCamaro View Post
I agree Joe in that it may have been conservative. Just by looking at the raw numbers between the two cars the ZL1 should have more of an advantage. The ZL1 launch may not have been given as much attention to dialing in the power and traction as was given to cornering and handling at race speed. The ZL1 appears to be more of a road racer than a drag racer, although it can fit both bills. I think the performance numbers may be a tad bit under rated...for whatever reason.

BTW this thread has just gone over 7,000 posts...

Since someone brought it up....I really am not concerned about the GT500....that press release Ford issued is smoke and mirrors, imo...they don't have anything significant to back up that extra 100 hp...and there's already a video on this site of the SS pulling a 12.9 quarter mile side-by-side with the GT500...which pulled a 12.8......

The ZL1 is an intelligent, BALANCED car...fully capable of taking advantage of all its power. The GT500 is not.
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