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Hello everyone.... Just made it back from Vegas, with my new Rims. Let me know what you think, tryed taking some better pictures of the car as well.. I love them , there are only 11 made so far and I am number 11.. Fixed my wheel shaking issue and the car handle great with them... Still have what they told me a tire rubbing issue in the front when turning, I really hate the place I bought the tries from... They told me there would be no issues with them.. I will figure it out at least got one problem fixed.. Have an appt tomorrow with Hotkhis for the alignment can not wait maybe now the car will be set up right.. Well let me know what you think.. Finally done with the car after 2 years in less someone wants to give me a free super charger. .. Maybe I will the one at 2EDGE.... Thanks Chris at 2EDGE Performance in Costa Mesa for getting my car set up the way I want it and being great to work with... Oh you can not see it but there SS engraved in each of the center caps...
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