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Originally Posted by rjames View Post
Ok I posted this in another thread but have not had anyone look at it in a while. I know BMR has a 1.4/1" kit for our cars but I can't seem to understand why anyone would want to make the "rake" more pronounced by dropping the fronts another 1/2 " rake over what it has now. If anyone could explain the benifits to me would be great. I was also wondering if anyone has done the opposite and dropped the rear 1.4" and the front 1"? Pics? In my car that would leave me 1/2" gap in the front and the rear. This to me seems the way to go but was unsure if it would make the car look like it was in launch mode due to the body lines of the car even though the gaps would be the same.
Thanks, Rob
Measurement-wise I think you would be fine with that combination if that is the direction you want to go. I don't remember anybody that has used this combination of the top of my head but we have a lot of customers that play around with the different springs to get the exact stance they are looking for.

Originally Posted by Kelly@PCMofNC View Post
Just for looks, some people prefer to have rake. I like it even all around, personally. Here's mine on the 1" BMRs.

Your car has an amazing stance with our BMR 1" lowering springs (SP019). Thanks for posting the picture up!

Originally Posted by blackSSRS View Post
Ive heard issues about lowering more than an inch. Anyone know what gets stressed or whatever it is lowering more than an inch. Looking at bmr 1.4" all around but dont want future issues. Eventually will be with 22x9 and 22x10 rear rims
Originally Posted by Apex Chase View Post
If you go too low your factory dampers will not be able to take it. The ride will suck and they will fail. 1 inch is being extremely conservative though. We have plenty of customers running the BMR 1.4 inch springs without any problems. You just don't want to get into some of these 1.8 and 2 inch springs out there.
Chase is absolutely correct, the lower the ride height is the harder the struts and shocks have to work to control everything. We have a ton of customers out there with our BMR 1.4" lowering springs (SP022) that have had them installed on the car for years without any kind of issues with their factory struts or shocks so if those are the ones you are interested in I wouldn't hesitate to use them at all.

Originally Posted by azw131 View Post
I have the 1.4" front/1" rear on my V6 and am very happy with it.
Thanks for the good words!
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