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Originally Posted by Kronix View Post
Hey ABL99, I have an idea for you......Have you seen the Retro CAMARO script letters that EmblemPros has? Then both your beauties would look almost like twins....Speaking of EmblemPros, I might as well just open an account with Roger, got more things in the works from him....Why does he have to have such cool stuff!!

That 68/69 I mentioned to you never panned out, turned out it was up in the Bay area and not really what I was led to believe. Oh well, I have my hands full anyway, you should've seen the look on the wife's face when I just even mentioned the idea...."We're going to have 4 cars????"

Happy wife, happy life
Kronix, I hear ya on the "Roger Thing". I told him before that he and his crew make showing off our rides sooooo easy. They do all the work and we get to get all the smiles!.......

I have seen/thought about the script CAMARO. I might do it yet.

Sorry to hear about the 68/69 deal. Oh well, if meant to be it will be there for you---Oh so right---Happy wife, happy life!!...I know I tested the waters telling her I wanted to put on the 4th bay on my garage. She simply looked at me and said, "Might want to think about THAT ONE a little more"!....I got the last 2 words on that subject......YES DEAR!!
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