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Originally Posted by ckellyme3 View Post
You are badly misinformed. Launch control works in manual transmissions only.
Not necessarily true. Maybe the Cobalt's "Launch Control" feature works like that, though it doesn't sound like it'd make a perfect launch at all; it sounds like all you'd do is burn off your tires. Anyway, without it, a modern car isn't going to go past redline anyway, but it might do a more sudden fuel cut resulting in "bouncing off the rev limiter" rather than smoothly holding redline.

The VW GTI with their DSG dual-clutch automated manual transmission (they don't offer a traditional "slushbox" automatic) has a "Launch Control" feature that allows the driver to launch like a high-RPM clutch dump even though there's no clutch pedal. That's what I thought of when I heard of "Launch Control" in the Camaro.

Who needs a computer to baby them for launching a manual transmission?
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