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phew. ok. Lets see if I can shade a little light on this. I'll make the assumption that this one the dealer is trying to sell you is similar to a product that I was in talks with over using. Fwiw, Theres another thread just like this a few posts down.

There is a difference between this coating that they're offering and what a typical "paint sealant" that say, myself or another vendor would sell to a consumer. Now, whether or not that coating is worth it to you, well, thats for you to determine. A manufacturer that I deal w/ was tossing around the idea of offering such a product, albeit only available to us distributors, and not to the consumer as an end user type of product. We would have had specific training on application and it would've been offered to dealerships and as a retail application. The one difference in this product and why it required specific training was due to the fact that you couldnt just wash it off, like you can w/ other waxes and sealants. A simple citrus cleaner, dawn detergent or similar wouldnt remove this stuff. Instead, it would've required machine buffing to remove the coating and start over with it.
The benefit was extended durability over your standard carnauba waxes and polymer sealants. Manufacturer claims are always exaggerated, but claims were in years, not months fwiw. This is great for someone who doesnt necessarily want to maintain their finish. However, if you are the type of person who does, I could, for example, sell you a bottle of OptiSeal (polymer paint sealant that'll last a few months), which looks great on the finish and for 24.99 that 8oz bottle will last you a couple of years if you apply it every 3 months. Run the numbers and I think you'll find that 25 bux is a little better than 500 Even if you become addicted to detailing and purchase a slue of other products, you still come in under that 500 dollar number, but have products that you enjoy using on a vehicle you (I assume) enjoy spending time with.
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