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Rotational Scratching Noise

Hi C5 Track Drivers:

I have a problems with my brakes and was wondering if you could give me any advice and recommendations.

After installing racing brake pads (both Hawk DTC-30s & Hawk HP+s at different times) and a hard day at the track with aggressive braking the front wheels now make a loud scratching sound as each wheel rotates. This happens while accelerating or coasting, but not braking. The noise is annoying like the sound of scratching nails on a chalkboard.

I was told by a local Brake Shop that my pads (Hawk DTC-30s) were too agressive and as a result the rotors were showing signs of glazing. This glazing was potentially causing the scratching noise.

They removed these brake pads, turned the rotors and installed new, less aggressive race pads (Hawk HP+s). I then went on a second track day, again, with hard braking. Likewise, my front rotors are showing signs of glazing and the brakes are again making that rotational scratching sound even louder than before.

Thus far I have received three suggestions to fix this problem from a couple of shops.

Option 1 - both sources suggested deal with scratching sound. I canít deal with it. Itís embarrassingly annoying.

Option 2 - one shop suggested dedicating a set of rotors and brakes for track days and dedicate another set of rotors and brakes for street driving.

Option 3 - the other shop suggested that my pads are not aggressive enough. Since I've turned the stock rotors twice already, buying another set of stock rotors and replacing the pads with Hawk DTC-60s in the front and Hawk DTC-30s in the rear.

What other options do I have? What other options do you recommend?

I just bought cooling ducts thinking that perhaps the brakes got too hot and this may alleviate future problems.

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