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Why I love my ZL1 - Just the way it is...

Originally Posted by Chevrolet Customer Svc View Post
We are very pleased to hear that you absolutely love your ZL1. What is the most exciting feature to you?

Chevrolet Customer Service
That's like asking which Victoria Secret model do I think is the hottest . I love the balance of the car. Power matched with control of that power. MRC makes onramp and off ramp' to/from the freeway a blast and Launch Control make traffic lights a lot of fun. I have a 69 Camaro that run's high 9's and I sold my Lotus Exige last year that handled like is was on rails. The ZL1 is my favorite to drive because while it is not as fast as my 69 in a straight line between lights nor is it as glued to the ground as my Lotus was, it combines the best of both of the cars in a car with a back seat when I need to pick of the kids from school and has a ton of upside if I decide to go a little crazy with it in the future.

The only thing I think I would have changed is the weight. But I am not even sure about that because heavy cars tend to ride smoother. My Lotus was light (about 2600lbs) but it was not comfortable to drive over long distance and did not provide nearly as smooth a ride as the ZL1.

And finally, I have driven just about every American made performance car on the market and many European cars as well. I can confidently say that the ZL1 is the first World Class performance Camaro ever made IMO. The Vette has been there for the last two generations in my mind and this is the first generation that I would include Camaro as well.

Just some random thoughts.
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