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Originally Posted by autoguy View Post
Ok, what is the difference in drop between the coils and the coilovers?
The coilovers adjust from just below OE ride height down three inches.

OE coils in general can have a height variance of +/- 15mm or 5/8s of an inch. To avoid issues with clients that lower their cars Pedders doesn't state the ride height as a drop. We state the ride height as the ride height 220032 Camaro front lowering coils ride height is 657mm with 22" wheels. To verify your current ride height take a tape measure and hook the metal end on the bottom of your wheel rim, measure up through the center of the wheel all the way to the painted edge of your fender. You'll find the front ride height to be about 690mm. Pedders coils have a ride height variation of +/- 1mm. With your current ride height and the Pedders stated ride height you'll know exactly where your Camaro will sit.

We have two rear coils for your Camaro 220033 ride height 660mm and 220035 ride height 675mm for those that prefer a bit more rake. The Berger Camaro sits on Pedders 220032 front and 220033 rear coils.

The Berger also runs the OE 275 rear on a custom made Forgeline wheel on the front and a 305 on the rear so they fill the wheel wells more than the OE tire and wheel setup on your Pace Cars.
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