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Originally Posted by 5thGenOwner View Post
I think I'm going for a Diablo Sport tuner once i get another couple thousand miles on mine. Remember, a tune (outside of a dealership) will void your warranty.

True..for the most part if you sneeze wrong the dealers will try to find a way to squeak out of the warranty. But you can ask your tuner for a copy of the custom tune, so if you need to take it in, you can reset the car to stock,and reload the tune to put it back in. This will only work for a Diablo Predator. If its tuned with HP Tuners or XFI LIve,the dealer who tuned it will need to set it back to stock. Either way, I do these small things as a courtesy.Also its wise to have a my case, my customers will benefit, as I have known the service director at my GM store for over 15yrs. He will take care of my crowd and overlook all the basic mods. When we start talking superchargers its a little harder tho.Sometimes, it is who you know.. Thanks Adam
that's a wonderful idea outside the fact that there's a hashed date stamp that is embeded every time a tune is installed.

all the dealer needs to do is check the date stamp and they'll know you reflashed it two days ago. just something to think about; i know some dealers are fine with mods but it's important people know everything when they're going into something like this.

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