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Originally Posted by Dropspeed View Post
IMO the stock 1LE suspension is deceivingly compliant on the street but works well at the track. There is still some body roll and dive, but with 1LE 285 Goodyears it works very well.
+1 IMO the Goodyears are a big part of the 1LE. OP what tires are you running?

My 2011 SS had a full suspension work over with no dive, zero rear stepout, zero wheelhop, and neutral cornering but with the stock Pirellis. The 1LE with a little stepout, some wheelhop, a little understeer, and despite all that feels better planted than my '11. I feel more confident in the corners, but I have not tracked the 1LE yet.

Switching over from the modded '11 SS to the 1LE I did feel a difference. Not night and day, but noticeably better balanced.

Could it be the tires?
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