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I hopped in around December and have learned tons in a few months. The way I see it is, you cant really make sense of anything you read on the net until you actually have the product. Its a lot scarier of a concept then the reality of when you get it. Most of the tables explain themselves and there are plenty of good tuners on hptuners, ls1tech, ect ect that are more than willing to help out. Furthermore if you plan on getting serious you could always order The Tuning Schools learn at home course. Its kind of pricy, but nothing but great reviews. I just ordered the trans tuning guide from them so I could dial in my trans. Most of the 6l80e stuff on the net is still guesswork.

But yes HP Tuners is pretty start up friendly. There are even differnet tables it will eliminate based on if you are a beginner / intermediate / pro tuner.

My buddy has efi live and I looked at it like WTF?
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