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Originally Posted by PQ View Post
Check the 350Z forums and some others before you do.

Seems to be the big knock with reveiws.
good luck with that.

I have been very quiet about my breif experience with Iconz and Mitch. Maybe I shouldn't have been. I'll leave it alone and just say that I wouldn't order from Iconz, ever. Trust me on this.

And guys, just google these companies. You can find info that will help you decide.

I'd hate to have been able to warn someone away from a bad situation and didn't. Like in in this case.

OP, sorry this has happened. Good luck. There is a case on another forum between Mitch and a buyer that, last I checked, was going on for aver 9 months.

I would listen to PQ and his judgement. He does not have an axe to grind, so it must have been pretty significant to post here.
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