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Huge update today!!!! After months of having my BBK LT headers with HFCs sitting in my garage I finally installed them myself. The first time I tried to install them I ran into some problems and quickly gave up but a few weeks later I was determined to get them done before fest and boom they are done! It took me two days spanning 19hrs with me taking my time, running out to a hardware store inbetween to get a few things (heat gun, monkey wrench to remove the O2 sensors from the stock set-up), lunch breaks and a shit ton of problems. I won't go into every single problem I ran into cause I'm sure no one cares about that haha. Big shout out to my friend who helped me def wouldn't of been able to do it and another shout out to member Lil'Nasty and member Wuiquen for giving me some advice as I went about this install. The gains are really noticeable once you get on it and I won't lie it is LOUD. I am def gonna have to get a res x-pipe at some point after fest. Also with the added power if I floor it at a dead stop I spin the tires and chirp them all the time when the car shifts into 2nd gear so I am also def gonna have to get some trailing arms. But overall I love them it is an amazing feeling knowing I did the work myself (with some help) instead of having a shop do it and it sound down right mean! Here are some pics and some crappy vids I need a new vid camera too lol.



Top is stock bottom is BBK

And of course my work space haha

And now for some vids....all the vids have their own titles so no need for me to explain each.

I'll have to get some better videos up.
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